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Child Sponsorship.


Our children at little ray of hope are currently aged between three to 6 years of age. Many of our younger students are too young to be at school, but their parents or guardians are in constant search of daily jobs and therefore need a safe place for their children whilst looking for a small daily income. These jobs are not usually long term and not always sustainable, hence many children being ‘dropped off’ at the school while their parents look for daily work.

Primary education in Kenya is free, but it’s not free. The schooling itself is free, however the uniforms, books, stationary, lunch and exam fees at the end of each year aren’t; which is why so many children don’t attend school here in Kenya.









The age for children to start school here in Kenya is 6 years old. To sponsor a child to go to formal school costs US$600 per year. These costs are inclusive of everything (primary school examination fees, transport to and from school, uniforms, textbooks, stationary, teacher allowance, food served at school, any healthcare required as well as other miscellaneous items).

If you are considering sponsoring a child, please send an email to:



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