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Frequently Asked Questions


What does sponsoring a child mean?

Being a child sponsor is an incredible gift; not only are you able to give a child an education they otherwise wouldn’t be receiving, but you’re forever changing the life of a child so they too can have incredible opportunities as they grow up.

How long does child sponsorship last?

Sponsoring a child is a long term commitment that would ideally last until the end of their secondary education. Our older children have thrived from child sponsorship and some of our children are coming to the end of their secondary education. This priceless gift of education allows these children to dream and aspire to bigger and better things – something many of their parents or guardians cannot give to them.

I can’t afford to sponsor a child but how can I still help?

We understand that child sponsorship is a long term financial commitment and that not everyone is in the position to be a sponsor. However, smaller monetary donations would continue to keep the school in a position to give the children porridge and lunch every day, as well as ensuring they have enough stationary and textbooks. Nothing is too small, as every little bit goes towards helping the kids. Please see our ‘donate’ page.

How can I sponsor a child?

If you are considering sponsoring a child, please email


Can I send some clothes or presents to my child/the children?

As grateful as we are to so many offering to send clothing or school items to the children, it isn’t possible for our staff to be covering the tax and customs costs once packages arrive in Kenya. Before one of our volunteers from Australia returns to Kenya for her yearly visit, she will create an opportunity for anyone in Australia to donate any clothing or goods you have so they can be brought over to the children and customs taxes can be avoided. 

However, our children love receiving letters and postcards from friends overseas so if you would like to send anything to your sponsor child, or any child, please use this address:

(Name of your sponsor child)
C/O Evelyn Nabangala Waneloba
PO BOX 28739 (00200)
Nairobi, Kenya

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