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Little Ray of Hope pre-school is located in two small apartments in the heart of the Kawangware slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

We provide 60 children from the age of 3 onwards with a welcoming and safe environment, two meals a day, as well as an early education to allow them to easily settle into primary school once they have been sponsored. Serving our kids porridge for morning tea lunch every day whilst they are at LRoH as well as a hot lunch, ensures they are well nourished as it is not uncommon for them to go back home and not eat again until they come back to LRoH the next day.

Little Ray of Hope staff in Nairobi work daily with the children teaching them preliminary English, consolidating Swahili, social studies and mathematics. The kids are sent home with homework in their notebooks and it is marked the next morning on their return.

As well as education and a safe environment, we provide the kids with their vaccinations and ongoing medical needs as they grow – including doctor visits when they fall ill.

In order for us to continue our work, we strive to have our kids sponsored once they reach the age to attend primary school. Since 2015, we’ve had 46 children sponsored to attend primary school at Crossroads Academy in Nairobi. It might sound like common sense, but educated kids learn the power of supporting themselves and being responsible. With an education, our kids can dream and it opens up more job opportunities for them as they grow up!

Our ultimate goal is to one day purchase a plot of land and build our own pre-school and school in the same vicinity as our current location so we can continue to provide food, safety, education and healthcare to some of the poorest children in the Kawangware slum, Nairobi.

We continue to have fundraising efforts for the ongoing purchase of school supplies (notebooks, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, chalk), paying rent, electricity and water, food and all the necessary supplies that goes with feeding upwards of 60 children every day, including food, charcoal, utensils and plates.


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